I’m a freelance Illustrator, Concept Artist and Graphic Designer. I was born in New Caledonia, I studied 3D Game Art in Paris and I’m now a digital nomad, currently in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have worked on video games projects like Blood Bowl 2, Styx Master of Shadows, Dogs of War, on mobile apps like Little Monk and TAGG. I’m currently creating a graphic novel called Ithyä. I’m very inspired by the work of Miyazaki, Moebius and Japanese animation. You can see more of my art on my instagram and my work process on Youtube.


Ithyä is the adventure of a young Elementalist, learning about her powers and her place in the world. It's a great journey full of magic, strange encounters and discovery.

This is some pages from the graphic novel.


Astajade is a concept for a third person adventure game. It is set in in a fantasy world where the season are frozen in time. Each continent are affected by only one season and four great civilization were built. Each Civilization have a unique style and design based on their season.

Here are some of the concept I did for the project.


TAGG is a Sci Fi web browser game project by SixCap Singapore. I worked as a freelancer to create the world and the design of TAGG including illustrations, concept art, website design...

Here's some of the concept art for TAGG.


This is UI work for the website and mobile app of TAGG.


TAGG Air Asia is a collaboration between SixCap and Air Asia to create a TAGG plane. I was commissioned to create the illustration on the side of the plane, as well as illustrations inside the plane like the meal back tray and the luggage compartments.


This is some character design for the game Blood Bowl 2, done at Cyanide studio in Paris. I also contributed to UI design for Styx Master of Shadow and Dogs of War.